The Block Center

Out of any center one can have in the classroom, I would have to say that a block center is a must have. Our block center takes up the most space in our classroom and it is the one place where every child visits almost every single day.

Block Center

What is in the block center?

There are a few things that we ALWAYS keep in the block center including…

  • Pretend animals
  • Cars and trucks
  • Pretend people
  • A full set of standard wooden blocks

As the year progresses, we add different materials to the block center including…

  • Loose Parts (Random pieces of junk our students bring from home like spools, gems, buttons, springs)
  • Cardboard Tubes and Boxes
  • Caves (from the pet store)
  • Tracks (I made mine)
  • Rocks or Stones of various sizes and shapes
  • Other items from nature like sticks, pinecones, leaves, and things the children bring in from outside

We always leave our standard wooden blocks out but throughout the year, we begin adding a variety of other kinds of blocks as you can see in today’s featured photo. Hands down, the children love the standard wooden blocks best.

To add other elements of play to our block center, we often add pictures of buildings or blueprints to the center or on the walls. We encourage the children to draw their own blueprints for building as well.

More fun with blocks

Here are a few other ways our block-lovin’ students explore with blocks around the classroom: Brilliant Block Play!