The Water Table

The water table is always a favorite center in our classroom. This specific water table is in our outdoor classroom and as you can imagine, water does get all over the floor which is okay in our outdoor classroom. You may not have an outdoor classroom like we have but you can bring the water table outside for play. For indoors, we bring in other types of water play and keep lots of towels handy.

The opportunity to explore water play is such an important part of the classroom experience when it comes to building and mastering daily life skills; promoting mathematical thinking and scientific exploration; encouraging the children to engage in conversations; fostering a sense of community; increasing imagination; and it has a unique way of relieving children’s anxiety.

Water Table

In today’s featured photo…

The children are exploring the flow of water through PVC pipes. I simply built my own stand out of PVC pipes and set it up over the water table. Let me tell you – this was a huge hit. You can read more about this specific water table over on my blog –> A Crazy Cool Water Table.

We are always on the look out for ways to create interesting and engaging water play experiences for inside and outside of the classroom!

Water Table