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The Block Center

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The Block Center Out of any center one can have in the classroom, I would have to say that a block center is a must have. Our block center takes up the most space in our classroom and it is the one place where every child visits almost every single day. What is in the block center? There are a few things that we ALWAYS keep in the block center including... Pretend animals [...]

The Water Table

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The Water Table The water table is always a favorite center in our classroom. This specific water table is in our outdoor classroom and as you can imagine, water does get all over the floor which is okay in our outdoor classroom. You may not have an outdoor classroom like we have but you can bring the water table outside for play. For indoors, we bring in other types of water play and keep [...]

The Writing Center

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The Writing Center All year long, our writing center gets lots of action. We don't do very many changes to the basic items that are in the center but we do add little props along the way hoping they will inspire new ideas, conversation, and creativity. Some of the everyday basics we add to our writing center include... Crayons of different types Markers or different types Short and tall pencils Paper of various types [...]