The Honey Bee Hive (the Hive) is a membership program for teachers of children ages 3 to 5. In the Hive you will find weekly instructional and inspiring content that is designed to help you practice and master new skills and strategies for teaching. These are techniques I’ve developed over the course of my own 30-year career and each week I’m going to share them with you. Whether this is your first class, or you’ve been teaching for 20 years… there’s something in here for you.

Directors and Administrators

You can subscribe a teacher by using the “purchase on behalf of” checkbox, below. This enables you to purchase a subscription and keep the billing portion tied to your account and creates a whole new account for the teacher. It’s not a voucher – they will immediately be given access to the Hive after you complete this purchase. They will receive their login credential in an email. To sign up more than one teacher you must do a separate purchase for each teacher.