Loose Parts Math Bags eBook

Loose Parts Math Bags eBook


Math bags are a tool to make math in your classroom more personal and meaningful to the children. As children learn to explore loose parts for math in the classroom, they naturally begin to see everything in their world with a mathematical mindset.

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Loose Parts, Unlimited Creative Learning

Loose parts math transforms the world around you and your children because everything, literally everything, becomes a math experience. And it starts with a simple and fun project: creating your loose parts math bag. Your children will love this activity and it’s the kind of project that brings the familiar, every day objects of home, into the classroom.

With this eBook You will Learn

DIY Math Bags

I teach you the entire process of the math bag. From creation to utilization you will be given an entire process to follow and adapt to your classroom.

Engaging the Parents

I also provide the content for a helpful handout you can send home to the children’s parents. This letter tells them everything they need to know to help their child bring a little bit of home to the classroom to learn about math!

Unlimited Possibilities

The eBook is just the beginning. This is a primer on how to begin building an effective loose parts collection that will enrich your classroom. And every activity will inspire new ideas as your student’s show you just how creatively they think about loose parts.