Play Prompts Bonus Pack!

Play Prompts Bonus Pack!


More play prompts, more opportunity to play!

This play pack is packed with more play packs for play in your classroom. Say that ten times fast! My easy-to-use play prompts are designed for hands-on learning experiences that promote fine motor development, mathematical thinking, problem-solving, and more!

This collection of play prompts has a total of 16 mats for even more learning-fun!

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What’s Inside!

12 Play Prompts

The play prompts come in an easily downloadable packet which you can download at any time.


I’ve written instructions for each and every Play Prompt. You will find them in the downloadable file.

Instructional Videos

What’s better than written instructions? Well, video instructions of course! I’ve also created a video where I demonstrate how to use several of the Play Prompts.